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Tuesday, 13 September 2016


I recently asked a friends daughter what music did she listen to? I was quite shocked with regards to her reply. She told me, she did not listen to music because it was bad, and led to S E X. What about classical music? And religious music? Not all music is bad! And there are plenty of songs in our world that have nothing to do with S E X!

Both my partner and daughter sing, so does that make us bad people in her families eyes? And how many other religious people think this way? I listen to music, and so do my family.

This video proves why she believes music is bad. But this blog says otherwise!

Anyway, thanks to her religion she believes my partner and I are bad people because we are not married. Of course she would not say that to my face. But that is what she has been taught! We have a daughter outside of marriage, and have been together for 16 years. That is longer than most marriages! Unlike her beliefs, my partner is not allowed to cheat with regards to having other wives. And I am free to go where I want to. Unlike her! She believes it is OK for the man of the house to control her life. Did you know in Saudia Arabia a women is not allowed to leave the Country without a mans consent. This as I pointed out to her is "SLAVERY." Sadly, she believes it is normal. And also believes some people deserve beatings. Very worrying! I was also concerned when she tried to kill a bee that flew into our house. I said, "We don't kill bees, they pollinate our food and flowers!"

If we are ever taken over by extremists, my partner and I will be stoned to death, because we are not married. A very, very scary thought!

I)       The Qur`anic punishment of 100 lashes is for the case of an unmarried person. For a married person we need to turn to the Sunnah/Hadith, which prescribes death by stoning.


It is times like this I am glad to be British, and live in the UK. I cannot imagine a world where our Human Rights are taken away like that. And women are forced to cover up from head to toe. Imagine how uncomfortable it must be. And how hot they must feel during the summer months. If they want to do this, then that is their choice. But I most certainly do not want to be forced to dress this way.

My partner singing at the Enchanted Manor. How is this sexual? And evil?

How is this music bad? It is pure and innocent!

What is wrong with singing as a family? Here is my daughter jamming with her grandad.
Nothing sinful about that!

I do not follow any religion because they do not tick any of my boxes. I did not know that my Nan and my partners Nan were religious people. Christians! They never forced their beliefs on us, which I truly admire. I find it quite sad how friends in the past have tried to convert me to their religion. It is sad, they do not like me "Just the way I am!"


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